Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm in a Book!

I admit it... I'm excited to be in a book! It's called The Art of the Disney Princess. It features artwork by myself and lots of other artists within the Disney company. The cover art shown is by Chad Sommers.

You can buy 100 copies of it here on

I also found this article in the Examiner about a promotional event held for the book. I was invited to this gallery/book signing event.
It was a real pleasure to meet several other artists who are in the book. Another cool thing that night was meeting Julie Newmar, who was at the event. Why was she there? Who knows? But it was cool. She took a few pictures with me next to my artwork, and with any luck I can track those pictures down. There are two slideshows in the Examiner article, and she's in one of them. You can find my mug in there too!


Silvia said...

Congratulations Dan!!! I'd love to see Julie's photos.

Silvia. Buenos Aires. Argentina

Dan said...

Thanks Silvia! Say hello to Buenos Aires for me! :)